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These high energy and high impact presentations are fun, educational, and designed to leave you and your people inspired and engaged.

Topic #1: Loving What You Do - Doing What You Love

Take a look at the importance of having a powerful vision and what it takes to create a work environment that empowers people to be great at what they do — and love doing it.

Topic #2: Creative Listening

We've discovered that most people don't listen, but think they do. This topic explores the kind of awareness that's required to listen to people in a powerful way.

Topic #3: Team Building - From Managing to Coaching

In this topic, we address the kind of creativity and productivity that's possible when managers transform themselves into coaches who are out to enhance their players' performances and build great teams. We show people how to get started being coaches.

Topic #4: Beyond Customer Service — An Opportunity to Make A Difference

Most organizations know that their relevance and, indeed, their very existence can depend on the quality of service they provide for their customers (both external and internal). In this topic, we share what it takes to deliver service that actually impacts the quality of someone's life.

Topic #5: A Game Worth Playing — Creating a Company People Love Working For

What does it take to have people stay with your company? What does it take for them to decide your company is the place they want to build their future? In this presentation, we explore the possibility of creating a place for people to build their future.

Topic #6: A Topic Specifically Designed for You

You allow us to interview three or four appropriate people from your group to determine what topic would make the most difference for your organization, and we'll do that!

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