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“Hailed as the most successful corporate motivators on the planet is a group that deals exclusively with fish!”

-Gemma Hooley
National Public Radi

That’s right – raw, icy, scaly fish! 12 hour days – 365 days a year – rain or shine – and they LOVE it!


Our presentations feature the fishmongers from World Famous Pike Place Fish, John Yokoyama, owner of the Pike Place Fish Market, and their longtime coach from Creative Business Futures, Jim Bergquist.

These high energy, high impact presentations not only leave audiences laughing out loud (with occasional shrieks of delight) but with something far more profound and lasting. Participants can take away powerful insights to generate success in their workplace.

Participants from Texas A&M, Center for Retailing Studies annual Retail Summit Conference.

Our presentations typically include:

  1. an introduction to how Pike Place Fish really became “World Famous”.
  2. an outrageously fun fish tossing exhibition featuring members of the audience (expert coaching provided).
  3. an important educational component. (Since we are dedicated to having our presentations enhance the power and overall theme of your event, we build our presentation around an educational topic designed to express your theme and empower your audience.)
  4. a lively round of Questions & Answers with the Fishmongers.


Our team is out to entertain participants and make sure everyone is engaged and has a fun experience. At the same time, we open up a conversation for what’s possible at work… like what’s possible when you are inspired? What’s possible when you love what you do? What’s possible when you have a bigger purpose for your work and for life in general?

We are keenly interested in what you and the people in your organization intend to make happen.

Jim Bergquist and John Yokoyama at an Ace Hardware Conference in Las Vegas.

To get you started, we have a variety of fun & inspiring topics to look at (click here for Topics). Then we’d like to interview you and some of your key people to help design and customize your presentation. This interview can also provide an opportunity for you to get even clearer about what you want to accomplish with your event.


We invite you to take advantage of this great opportunity to have John Yokoyama, Jim Bergquist and the real, live World Famous Pike Place Fishmongers in person... and in action… at your company’s special event!


If you’d like more information or you want to reserve a date for a Flying Fish Presentation, please call 360-734-4900 or email info@bizfutures.com. We would love to support you in having your company’s special event be a powerful and memorable experience for all participants. CALL NOW!


WHAT THEY’RE SAYING ABOUT OUR FLYING FISH PRESENTATIONSFish Race with participants at the Retailing Summit.

I write to express my heartfelt gratitude for the marvelous job you did at the recently completed 56th Annual Indiana University Business Conference. Your presentation of the Pike Place Fish Market vision to the more than 1,000 Conference attendees was remarkably effective and provided all with a most enjoyable morning experience. The uniqueness of the perspective you bring to the workplace, coupled with the energy and passion you bring to your work make you truly, truly unique.
Stephen L. Hayford, Faculty Program Chair,
Indiana University, Bloomington IN

I had to let you know what a huge success our meeting was. You surpassed our expectations in every way and they were pretty high to begin with. The energy that you all shared with us was inspiring and will not soon be forgotten.
Lori Magaro, SVP Marketing
North Island Financial Credit Union, San Diego CA

(I would) like to thank you for the wonderful presentation that you made. It is really very motivating and inspiring. It is excellent as it touches the hearts of all of us who were listening…
Lim Choon Boo, Director
Quality Management and Engineering
School of Engineering Ngee Ann Polytechnic 535, Singapore

Ministry of Manpower, Singapore.

We are just going through our summit evaluations and the results are very positive. We at the corporate office feel you exceeded our expectations! It was a great evening! Our group was under lots of stress and pressure about this event and there is no doubt that the whole summit was a huge success!! YAY!
Sue McFaul, EHS Specialist
IMC Global, Lake Forest IL

Thank you for helping us to make the CFC Forum 2003 a special event. The Flying Fish general session on “Empowerment, Creativity and Making a Difference” offered great insight to our members (as well as group participants).

Based on comments of numerous attendees, I believe that CFC’s members who attended the Forum enjoyed it and derived significant benefit from it. I heard nothing but good substantive information as well as inspiration.

Your session was a significant part of the conference and added greatly to its success. I recognize the hard work it takes to prepare for a strong presentation. I thank you for your willingness to devote this effort and to share your expertise with us.

Thanks for the important role you played.
Sheldon C. Peterson. Governor and CEO
National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation, Herndon VA

The Team during Questions & Answers for Ace Hardware.

In 2002, Jim Bergquist of bizFutures was the opening speaker at Retailing Summit along with John Yokoyama of World Famous Pike Place Fish. Their presentation completely energized our attendees. The audience was on their feet, laughing with and cheering for one another as they interacted with Jim, John and the fishmongers. Retailing Summit attendees not only listened to Jim and John’s inspiring message, they experienced it! Attendees came away with provocative insights into business success. Jim and John got our conference off to a great start and were instrumental in the overall success of the event. The rare gem provided by these gentlemen was that the attendees were able to see the plan in action – they didn’t have to wait until they returned to their offices. You could see ideas percolating on the spot. Our experience with Jim Bergquist and John Yokoyama has served to raise the bar for our program. I would highly recommend them to any company looking to improve the business, energize the workforce and achieve greater focus among its employees.
Dr. David M. Szymanski, Director
Center for Retailing Studies, Texas A&M University, College Station TX

Fishmonger Ben Bish interacting with participants.


If you’d like more information or you want to reserve a date for a Flying Fish Presentation, please call 360-734-4900 or email info@bizfutures.com. We would love to support you in having your company’s special event be a powerful and memorable experience for all participants. CALL NOW!



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